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To all that are looking for a good moving company... F & S moved my mother, she was very pleased with the way they did their job. They were very kind, prompt, efficient, respectful and treated every piece of furniture like it were their own. Not one nick, tear, dent or scratch. Frank knows exactly how a piece should be angled, handled, etc. Since then I have used F & S moving company several times. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
- Nancy (Ciliberti) Aufner

Frank and his team are absolutely the best movers I have had to date. I have relocated, due to employment, over six times and if I ever have to move again, he'll be the one. The other movers nicked and bumped walls all the way up and down stairs, Frank knows exactly how everything needs to be moved and he and his guys do it with finesse and efficiency. I have very large furniture and I cannot believe how easy they made it look! Having the owner on the job truly makes all the difference. Professional and courteous and by far, the best value for the money.
- Bob

F&S Moving provided fantastic service. Frank and his team were amazing; so kind, cheerful, efficient, careful. It seems that Frank has a plan for every small and large item to be moved in the perfect way. Frank tells his team, and they just positively respond to get it done. Thank you for making our moving day so much easier. Just this morning, someone asked me who we used for moving. I can without a doubt recommend F&S Moving (and Frank).
- Julie

They moved a heavy object for me. I wish I had known about this company before my last relocation. Very professional. Nice guys. Call them if you need anything moved!!!
- Doug

These guys were great!! I called a bunch of movers to move a few heavy things from downstairs to upstairs.They guys were right on it in a few hrs..Great Job!!
- Jim

I have moved three times and F&S was by far the best I have used. I would definitely recommend A+.
- Harry Larry

We had F & S Moving Company move our school bookstore in June 2009. We were pleased with their service. We would recommend them for your next move.

"All my items were in good condition and came just on time!"